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Structural Integration with Rolfing


 Rolfing® Structural Integration, Source Point Therapy or Massage


I offer a Free 30 minute structural analysis, for clients not familiar with Rolfing.  This includes a short interview process, where we determine your goals.  We discuss what Rolfing is and how it can help achieve your goals.  Your structure is then evaluated to determine what needs to be done during the Rolfing "series" to accomplish your goals and needs.  


Information about appointments:

• Session cost: $145 

• Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes long.

• Cash, check and credit card are accepted, including Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Plans.

• Missed or canceled appointments without 24 hours notice will be charged $60, and will be paid prior to the start of your next scheduled appointment.




 Investing in Bodywork is an Investment in your Health. 


Don't forget Gift Certificates for you loved ones!  

I Accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards for payment. 


Your insurance company may cover myofascial/ manual therapy and is typically billed under physical therapy codes.  Call me for more information about billing and what options work best for you. 


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